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Why Us?

Why Choose M&M?

There’s no substitute for experience.

Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance, in proud partnership with The Liberty Company, draws on its history of more than 60 years to provide our clients with comprehensive professional guidance.

Founded in 1954 with a focus on helping dentists ensure business and financial stability and success, we have since expanded to assist a range of professionals. We’re now serving second- and third-generation clients, working closely with them to avoid business pitfalls and achieve success through proper insurance planning.

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How Our Experience Adds Up

At Mitchell & Mitchell Insurance, we strive to provide the highest level of service as we support our clients throughout the entire span of their professional careers. Our wealth of experience serves as a valuable resource for our clients, enabling us to act in their best interests for their short- and long-term success.


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Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Best service I’ve received for awhile… I have used Mitchell and Mitchell since 1989. Their services have been flawless and impeccable, and they set a standard most industries should follow, which they don’t. They cover me for all types of insurance, from home, health, fire, liability, jet ski, motor, and all other types of insurance.

Richard C.

Anonymous Location

Mitchell & Mitchell not only advised me of the “online” MCLE option, needed to obtain a premium discount, but also processed my “online” Certificates of Attendance within 24 hours of sending them as a PDF, for which I received a premium credit. I have renewed through this broker for 13 consecutive years, since becoming a sole practitioner.

Gregory K.

Torrance, CA

Best insurance company in North America!
We have been working with Mitchell and Mitchell since 1987. They have extremely personal service, and they are always super nice and helpful. They are really great to work with! I think they’re probably the best company we’ve ever worked with!

Rita B.

Anonymous Location

How It Works



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You can rest easy knowing your career is protected by one of the longest running programs in the USA.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

For us, that’s not just a tagline. We handle your business and personal insurance needs – from graduation through retirement and beyond – and we do so with integrity and a solid commitment to your success.